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Established in 1975, Chemopharm Group of Companies is a leading regional scientific equipment distributor specializing in the provision of laboratory supplies, reagents, furniture and systems as well as equipment, instrumentation and bio-and lab-informatics software. We offer solutions for chemical analysis, life sciences, clinical diagnostics and biomedical, and also process industries.

Chemopharm has built its presence in Asia and extended its operations with regional network and expertise to deliver end-to-end solutions to its customers more effectively. Today, Chemopharm with its headquarter in Malaysia, has offices in Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia with over 250 dedicated professionals.

We currently market our product and services across the region and in 2012, generated sales over USD 38 million. With our vast experience and knowledge, we aim to provide the most ideal technical and scientific solutions, catering to the specific needs of our customers.


1975 - Chemopharm Sdn Bhd was founded as a distributor of laboratory chemicals and glassware

1980 - Acquired distribution rights for Gilson - our first foray into laboratory equipment

1982 - Expanded operations in Singapore and Chemoscience Pte Ltd was established in 1992

1994 - Training and Application laboratory was established

1995 - Calibration laboratory was established and accredited with ISO 17025

1997 - Fully equipped and state-of-the-art warehouse was established

1998 - Acquisition of sole distribution rights for Cole-Parmer and Bio-Rad for clinical diagnostic products

2000 - Entry into Water Treatment with formation of EI Engineering Malaysia

2001 - Chemoscience Thailand established

2003 - Bio-Rad life sciences products were added to our portfolio, Chemoscience Malaysia was then formed

2005 - Entry into bioinformatics with establishment of Chemoinformatics; Chemoresources established to design, manufacture and install laboratory furniture and systems

2006 - Ventured into high-end scientific research instruments, life sciences instrumentation and services with establishment of Chemoresearch

2008 – Initiated exploratory entry into Vietnam and form a tentative partnership-move the company into CRO, consultancy and advisory services

2009 - Chemoresources achieved ISO 9001:2001 certification

2010 - Extended operations into Indonesia with establishment of PT Chemoscience Indonesia



High End Equipment

NEW! Gilson: GX Solvent Evaporation Station

NEW! Gilson: GX 241

Issue 01: Delivering What Matters


Life Science

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Whatman: 4-in-1 Filteration Vial:Mini-UniPrep� G2 Syringless Filter

Buchi Encapsulator B390/395

Buchi KjelMaster K-375 - Free choice of methods at perfect usability

Cole Parmer�  � Basic Rotational Viscometer

Julabo - The New Julabo Presto

Seta honoured with Queen's Award for Enterprise

Chemopharm committed to TRAC Association

Cole Parmer Spectrophotometer

Elga Purelab Flex Won IBO Award for its innovative design and function

ELGA Purelab Flex- Future of Pure Water

NEW! Steelco: Laboratory Glassware Washing System

NEW! Mettler-Toledo: NewClassic Balances Designed to Last

NEW! BUCHI KjelMaster K-375 - Digestion Distillation Solutions